The Challenge

Pro hockey players in Chicago skate fast, play hard, and sweat A LOT. The head athletic trainer knew that staying competitive required his players stay hydrated. Unsatisfied with artificial ingredients and excess sugar found in most sports drinks, he challenged himself to come up with a better solution using Nothing Artificial. Ever.

The Solution

Coconut water keeps athletes hydrated, but hockey players aren’t fans of the flavor. So the athletic trainer teamed up with a flavor specialist to formulate a sports drink using 100% real ingredients to keep his team hydrated and healthy. The solution, with real fruit for flavor, was a decisive and delicious victory.

The Result


Replenishes electrolytes

for optimal hydration


Quickly absorbs fluids lost
to perspiration


Reduces cramping and
gastric distress

For the Win

With Coco5 on their team, the players experienced less muscle cramping and suffered fewer injuries due to dehydration, allowing them to get back on the ice fast and focus on what they do best–winning championships.

Major League Demand

News of the natural sports drink passed around the league. Before long, pro basketball, baseball, and football teams started stocking Coco5 by the case. Today, Coco5 is the hydration solution of choice for countless professional and collegiate sports programs across North America.