Dear COCO5 Friends and Customers,

COCO5, just like many small businesses, is feeling the economic impact of Covid-19.  But it's important that we remember our medical professionals and first responders during this time.  They are tirelessly working on the front lines to prevent the further spread of this nasty virus. 

At COCO5, we are doing our small part to provide them with great, electrolyte-filled hydration while they work countless hours.  We are donating every fourth case of COCO5 to these teams.  Please help COCO5 to help our medical professionals and first responders in our community.  We are thankful for all of our customers, employees, and suppliers, and greatly appreciate your support during these difficult times. 

Stay well,
Scott, Lina, and the COCO5 team   

Clean Sports Hydration for the Modern Athlete
50% less sugar, 5 natural electrolytes, and nothing artificial. Ever.

Clean Sports Hydration for the Modern Athlete

50% less sugar, 5 natural electrolytes, and nothing artificial. Ever.
Per Bottle: 16.9 fl oz Calories Sugars All-Natural 5 Naturally Occurring Electrolytes
Coco5-logo Coco5 80 14g
Gatorade Gatorade 140 34g
Gatorade Organic Gatorade Organic 120 29g
Vitamin Water Vitamin Water 120 32g
Body Armor Body Armor 140 36g
Honest Sport Honest Sport 100 24g

The choice is natural

We Believe Modern Athletes Deserve Better

We believe what you put into your body is as important as what you don't

We believe nature makes the best sports fuel.

Less Sugar. 1/2 the sugar of the leading sports drink, only 1g of added sugar

Nothing Artificial. Ever. No dyes, artificial flavors or sweeteners. Non-GMO.

Natural Electrolytes. 5 naturally-occurring electrolytes from young coconut water.

Preferred By The Pros. Developed by the pros for the needs of today's athlete. Used by over 60 professional & collegiate teams.

Hockey player

In 2011, we decided it was time for a change.

Professional athletes didn't need all that added sugar, artificial colors, dyes, and artificial sweeteners just to stay hydrated. COCO5 was the result of an NHL team head trainer creating the ultimate sports drink for the modern athlete.

Professional and Collegiate Teams and Athletes from All Over North America Drink COCO5

COCO5 is the sports drink of choice in over 60 Professional and Collegiate locker rooms. Athletes at the highest level chose to drink COCO5 because of its hydration benefits, naturally occurring electrolytes, and no artificial ingredients.

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20+ teams

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Naturally Hydrating at All Levels

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Five stars

"This is the new sports drink, just without all of the bad stuff!"

Five stars

"I’m a runner, and I love Coco5 when I’m done with my workout. I love that it has no artificial color or flavors, and tastes great!"

Five stars

"Coco5 is an amazing thirst quencher. A total winner compared to the competitors!"