Our Story

What do parents, athletes, weekend golfers, and busy kids have in common? All put some level of stress on their bodies, and all need to nourish and recover before being active again. Sure, an athlete operates at a different level than most of us, but never tell a group of moms they aren’t working hard!

Coco5 is the perfect drink for health and hydration, no matter what your activity level. Our essential mix of electrolytes and minerals will give your body what it needs to rebound from yard work, youth sports, pick-up basketball, intense workouts, and everything in between. And our refreshing all-natural fruit flavors make Coco5 a pleasure to drink every day.

The Birth of Coco5

Great ideas often start as solutions to specific problems. Technological advances necessary for space missions and competitive auto racing eventually made life better for all of us. Coco5 got its start in the world of professional hockey, where players need to instantly operate at 100% of their potential, then quickly recover to be successful. The unmet need was for a hydrating beverage that would speed the absorption of nutrients demanded to deliver peak performance, then allow for a rapid recovery. It had to be stimulant and chemical-free, and equally important, had to taste good. Professional sports medicine experts and nutritionists from the Chicago area put their heads together and invented Coco5. The players loved it, but more importantly, Coco5 enabled players to play harder and longer while suffering fewer dehydration-related injuries and less muscle cramping. Word spread quickly – athletes loved Coco5 for its performance benefits, and increasingly, so did the rest of us!

Today’s Coco5

Let’s face it – in today’s world, everyone is an athlete. To be successful in life, we must perform at a high level every day. Coco5 is featured in over 65 collegiate and professional sports locker rooms, but the real story is us. Everyone needs energy, everyone needs to perform, and everyone needs to be on their game all the time. To maintain an active lifestyle at any age, your body needs electrolytes. To perform at your best, whether in the NHL or on a frozen lake, running track or jogging with your dog, or just taking an evening walk, your body needs essential minerals. And to reduce the likelihood of dehydration-related injuries and cramping while aiding recovery, reach for Coco5 - the drink developed for the pros but perfect for all of us.