Whether you hit the gym, the trail, or the track, you give your all every day. That’s what real athletes do. Get it all back with real hydration from Coco5 and get rewarded with discounts and cash back when you become an Everyday Athlete by joining our affiliate program.


How does the Everyday Athlete Affiliate program work?
Each athlete is given a unique alpha-numeric code. At checkout, your community / followers enter your unique code to receive a 25% discount AND free shipping for every purchase! Every order of Coco5 returns $2 per order to you! At the end of the month, we will aggregate your community’s purchases, and send you a check.
How do I share the code with my community?
We encourage you to share the code via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social media, email, or via text / messenger. Share your code as many ways as possible!
How do I earn money for being an athlete influencer?
Every purchase using your unique code returns $2 per order directly back to you.
How often do I receive money for my community’s purchases?
Once per month. After we tally up the previous month’s purchases, we’ll send it to you in the following month. Usually takes us 1-2 weeks to process the prior month activity.
How many times can my community the unique code?
Unlimited! You can use it for every order, as many times as you would like! There is no cap or limit on the number of uses by your community.
I’m interested. Where do I get an athlete influencer code?
Fill out the form on the Everyday Athlete page, or email
I have other questions about the program - who do I contact?
Email with any further questions.
Can I use my discount code, and another promotion at the same time?
Sorry, but only one discount is valid per order.