Coco5 is committed to empowering the next generation of athletes to lead healthy and active lives. We support young athletes by providing a natural alternative to common sugary sports drinks. Our fundraiser program gives cash back to youth sports teams and leagues.




How does the fundraiser program work?
Each team or league is given a unique alpha-numeric code. At checkout, enter your team or league’s unique code to receive a 25% discount AND free shipping for every purchase! Every order of Coco5 returns $2 per order to the team or league. At the end of the month, we will aggregate your team’s purchases, and send your team a check. Coco5 gives money directly back to your youth sports team or league!
Can anyone use the team code, or only the players of the team?
Everyone! We encourage you to share your team’s code with as many people as possible (friends, family, everyone!). The more times you share the code, and make a purchase, the more $ your team earns!
I’m a coach or league director. How do I get a code?
That’s easy. Either fill out the form on the Youth Sports page, or email us at youthsports@coco5.com and we’ll quickly get one set up for you!
I’m on a team - where do I find my code?
Your coach or league director is given a unique code. He / she will share this code with everyone. If you can’t get a hold of your coach, email us at Youthsports@coco5.com and we’ll track it down for you.
How do I share the code with my friends or family?
You can do it old-school (and share the flyer that was given to your coach), or new-school (and share the code via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or via text / messenger). Share your team’s code as many ways as possible!
Is there a minimum age or specific sport this fundraiser program applies to?
No! Every team or league, no matter what age or sport, qualifies.
How often does my team / league receive fundraiser $s?
Once per month. After we tally up the previous month’s purchases, we’ll send it to you in the following month. Usually takes us 1-2 weeks to process all of the fundraiser $s. Your check is in the mail!
How many times can I use the code?
You can use it for every order, as many times as you would like!
Can I use my team’s discount code, and another promotion at the same time?
Sorry, but only one discount is valid per order.