Frequently Asked Questions

COCO5 is a “100% all natural” flavored coconut water beverage developed by a team of sports nutritionists and NHL professional medical experts determined to invent a healthier beverage alternative for professional athletes, recreational athletes, and active and non-active people of all ages.

The development team was determined to correct the problem where traditional drinks failed. Three years were spent on research and development of the six flavors to achieve the best tasting hydration beverage on the market.

Rebiana is a natural plant based sweetener that contains no calories

Absolutely not!! COCO5 is a great addition to any diet….seniors, adults, children! With the high rate of obesity attributed to the youth drinking sugary drinks and sports drinks, COCO5 is a great alternative for hydration. COCO5 is also a great aid in rehydration during and after illness.

Yes…there is an expiration date on each bottle. Additionally, once opened COCO5 should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within three days as it is a natural product and will begin to spoil.